The Kanji Project is a small UK charity run entirely by volunteers. It raises funds to give poor children in India the chance to have a good education and provides a safe place to live for destitute children. The charity also works in the community, helping very poor people to improve their living conditions. On average, 95% of the charity's income is used to support this vital work.

Charity Ploughman's Lunch
Thursday 11th August from 12 noon until 2pm there is a buffet lunch to raise funds for The Kanji Project. The event is at 42 Ainsworth Avenue, Ovingdean BN2 7BG. Tickets cost £5 which includes a pudding and a glass of wine. More information can be seen by selecting the 'Events' Menu Item on the left above.    

*** Sunshine Day Care Centre

Our exciting new project is now up and running! The Day Care Centre for children with learning difficulties is now named the 'Sunshine Day Care Centre. We are working with the Franciscan Sisters (the Rose Sisters) to provide this facility. During the summer of 2015 the building was refurbished and decorated and furniture and teaching equipment purchased.

The plan is to enrol 16 children with 2 teachers and extra help initially. The centre has now been opened and the first children with special needs have been accepted.

Full details of the project can be found from the link below which is from the FACS Projects.

See below for details of the appeal. 

*** Sunshine Day Care Centre Appeal

The Sunshine Day Care Centre Appeal has now been opened.

The Kanji Project is aiming to raise £500 per month for the next three years to support places for 16 children - a total of £18,000.

This will help pay for teachers, carers and regular visits from medical professionals.


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