The Kanji Project is a small UK charity run entirely by volunteers. It raises funds to give poor children in India the chance to have a good education and provides a safe place to live for destitute children. The charity also works in the community, helping very poor people to improve their living conditions. On average, 95% of the charity's income is used to support this vital work.

*** The Spring 2015 Newsletter is available.

The Spring 2015 Newsletter can be viewed or downloaded.

*** AGM Date Set

The date has been set for the 2015 AGM (Annual General Meeting).
This will be held on Saturday 25th April 2015 at St Mary of the Angels Church Hall, Richmond Road, Worthing, BN11 4BJ, starting at 10.45 am.

*** New Fund Raising Events

Spring Coffee Morning on 2nd May in Eastbourne, Supper Quiz on 10th June in Eastbourne, and Ploughman's Lunch on 16th July in Ovingdean.

*** News Updates

The school celebrated the Hindu Pongal Festival in January. This is a festival where the countryside, animals and family are celebrated. There was a ceremony at the school where a cow and goat were decorated, blessed and fed followed by the children putting on a dance program. More details in the News Items.

There is a new-look to the FACS (Family and Community Scheme) with help from the Franciscan Sisters in Pudupalayam plus an introduction to the Wardens at Shanthi Lumin Children's Home. Details of these can be seen by clicking below.   

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